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In the age of modern technology of beauty there are more and more sophisticated methods of hair removal. Among the recent developments are photo- and Elos hair removal, however, not all of them trust and prefer to go to salons and centers on laser hair removal procedure.

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Depending on skin type and hair of procedures varies, and sometimes you may need more time to complete disappearance of hair than others. Accordingly, it is increasing and the amount of money invested by you. You can offer the alexandrite or Nd laser, but by and large the practical difference between them is invisible, but the difference in price can be substantial. If you want to get rid of unwanted hair on the body, all this may cost you money space. To this did not happen, the modern cosmetic equipment manufacturers offer compact laser devices for hair removal at home. From a user perspective, the big professional epilators are almost indistinguishable from household appliances, except for size.

The advantages of buying a laser epilator for the house are large: the freedom to choose the time, place, hair removal area and the number of procedures carried out. If the "chip" for the purchase of the machine with her friends, the final price of hair removal sessions will be reduced to ridiculous money. Let's see what you need to know when choosing a home laser cosmetology and how not to lose the purchase.

In the Russian market are well represented model of the British company RIO Dezac. Epilators other companies and manufacturers to look not necessary, as no one else is no longer produces machines that level. This manufacturer has long proved popular with customers across Europe and beyond, over the years is a proven and absolutely reliable.

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Apparatus for laser hair removal is mainly divided into those which remove one hair and those which have a homing function and a scanning laser beam. Both types are very effective for hair removal, but the first type of vehicles (also called Single) - cheaper. It is designed for that group of customers, which follows the beauty of the body, but does not have sufficient financial resources. When using this type of equipment (eg, RIO Salon Laser) you will need to independently direct the laser at each hair individually. During the first sessions, it can take a long time, but then you will be accustomed - and it will no longer be a problem. As the saying goes, the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing. The second type of devices called Scan. At presentation to the device to the skin he recognizes the hairs, the laser induces and applies it. This high-end devices that can help you with a minimum of effort to get maximum pleasure and the effect of the procedures. In one flash of the laser, they can handle up to 60mm2 skin. Due to the growing popularity of RIO Dezac offers as many as two devices of this series - RIO LAHS-3000 and RIO X60. They differ in the treated area of ​​skin with hairs 35 and 60mm2, respectively.

Note the laser wavelength. The optimal length of the laser, which allows you to destroy not only the visible part of the hair, but its follicle, without leaving burns on the skin, is an indicator of 808nm. All three laser epilators RIO installed exactly this wavelength.
If you want to buy a device with a scanning feature, remember that it is necessary to look at the one-time processing area. The smaller the number, the more time you spend on the conduct of the session.

To those who for various reasons could not decide between the devices and the Scan Single, can advise appliance RIO LAHS-3000. It combines optimal laser wavelength, both modes - scanning and guidance on every single hair - and has a reasonable price.

Some experts also recommend to pay special attention to the security features, because during all laser procedures is very important to protect eyes. Shavers with a scanning function endowed with the most advanced eye protection system of the laser radiation. For example, the above apparatus LAHS-3000 has an access code and a key that is stored separately from the device to protect children and pets from accidental exposure.

If you have east type of appearance or just the dark hair, the most effective tool for you would RIO X60. It can be used also in the dark and tanned skin.

When using epilators with the function of scanning sustainable results can be achieved within 8 sessions, following the instructions for use and recommended frequency of sessions.

Now it is safe to say that you know all about how to choose a laser epilator, what they are and what is necessary and important to pay special attention. The choice is only for you. If you have stayed in the selection process or have questions, you can always ask for help from our experts.

Successful to you of purchases and smooth skin without the unwanted hair!

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